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Re-keying can be said to be a process in which an already locked cylinder is being pulled out and fitted with new pins to change the old keys. Once re-keyed, be certain that the old keys will become useless, and it will save you some cost because you won’t buy new hardware. The re-keys come with extra 2 keys and complimentary keys can be made if you want.

If you are moving into a new home, there is a need to change the locks for security reasons. The people who lived there before you might have duplicated the keys and not tender all the colors while they were leaving. And if it is a home, you just built, the people who worked in the house may have copies of the key for easy access. So, it is wiser and safer to change the locks so you can be certain that you alone have the keys.

If there is one lock, we advise our clients to use, it is the Mul-T-Lock and the single access key lock because they are pickproof and offer you a very high level of security. In the world we live in today, security is of utmost importance and we ensure our clients have the best security. These locks might be on the high side, but it is convenient and better than the usual pin and number lock or padlock. However, we still have some high-security locks that are quite affordable. Give us a call, tell us your budget, and we will give you a good lock option that fits your budget.

Yes! We have trained and experienced locksmith that can make new car keys for your car and every other model of car. Even if your car is of high security, we can give you a new set of keys for your car. However, some of these keys are only made in demand, so if you have issues with your car keys, call us ahead and we will have the keys made for you. Furthermore, you also need to provide proof that the car is yours before we can replace the keys for security purposes.

If your car key has small chips in it, then note that your keys need to be programmed to the computer of your car before you can make use of it, so sometimes, it’s not just about cutting the keys.

The price of your car keys being replaced varies. It depends on the model of your car and how the key was programmed. If your car key is being programmed with a security chip then the price will be different from the key that is without a security chip.

Does your car key have a push to start? Is the car key still working or not? All of these questions should be answered properly by you before you can get a quote.

We ask for your ID for security purposes. We need to ensure you are the rightful owner of the car or the house that belongs to you.

Yes, our locksmith can help you duplicate your keys if they are marked “do not duplicate” buy with a clause. When a key s marked do not duplicate or do not copy, it means the owner doesn’t want the keys to be copied or duplicated, so if we are to duplicate such keys, then we need to get a letter of authorization from the owner of the keys or property or the manager in charge of the keys and property. The letter will have to come on letterhead paper and the person picking up the keys need to come with some form of identification. All of these are done to ensure we don’t duplicate keys for the wrong person; however, we reserve the right to refuse to duplicate such keys if our requirements are not met.

Like we have always said, our professional locksmith can make high-level security keys for you. High-security locks are of different types and we will only give you a quote once we can tell you the type of security lock you need.

We can make you a new set of house keys for any type of lock. If you lose your only key to the house, we will not only unlock your door but also help you in replacing the lost keys. But we will have to lose the lock, re-key it and make you a new set of keys. Note that the new set of keys will be different from the one you lost, so even if the old keys are found, it will be useless.

We don’t have to drill your lock. The only time we get to drill your lock is if you are in a hurry and we can’t get the door opened within a reasonable space of time. Drilling is never our first option; we will first try to open the lock without damaging it. For instance, we will try picking the lock, or try manipulating our way into opening it. If it doesn’t work, then we will opt for drilling. However, drilling will not damage your door, but you will have to install a new lock, and that we can do without wasting much time.

Various factors help in determining the amount that will be used in unlocking your home door. First, we will have to check the distance from our office to your home, the time of the day that we were called, if it is between working hours, the pricing will be different from when we are called at odd hours.

The type of door you have is also a determining factor. If it is a high-security door, it will be quite different from a traditional lock, and if the lock needs to be replaced, the price will also defer. Hence, we only give you a price after inspecting your lock.

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