We can extract your key from the ignition or lock if broken in less than 30 minutes! For a professional locksmith, broken key extractors are not a difficult case to handle. We have experts skilled in broken key extraction that handled many cases for different car brands all over San Francisco.

Car owners fear the integrity of the lock when the key breaks. They feel if the fragments of the key still remain in the lock, then there is no other option than to change the locks entirely. Let us hear you save me and the undue stress of lock change. We can extract the broken key without it affecting the lock. The only time we would change the lock is unless you want us to. Try to be patient to wait for our arrival because broken key extraction has to do with professional touch and skill or attempt successfully.

We can also help you make a spare key after successfully tracing the broken key from the lock. Now, you don’t have to wait for a long time; we have technicians who can make one for you right on the spot. We can copy the signature of the brown key and make a spare for you to go home.

Broken Key Extraction San Francisco

It would help if you tried not to connect the broken pieces of the key. You may damage the lock if you try to find a way for yourself, except if you have the right tools and are eerie. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us for any broken key extraction for your vehicle anywhere in San Francisco.

We understand that it might be a tough pill to swallow, realizing that the key has just broken and a part is stuck in the lock. It could’ve been even more devastating when you start off your day with this unfortunate incident. But broken keys do not just happen. The key made up of certain materials can cause breakage.

Sometimes, the key is more difficult to extract when it breaks off in the middle of the car lock. San Francisco Locksmiths will ensure the broken key extraction tool and pass it through the keyway of the lock. This will allow the teeth of the tool to grab the cuts on the key.

With the tool firmly interlocked with the key, our technicians will then start to pull gradually until the break key is extracted. This process takes a few minutes and needs to be done so that there will not be damage to the lock. From the broken piece(s) that has been extracted, we can make you a spare key.