If you have never had a jammed key in the lock of your trunk, then consider yourself lucky. It can be a grueling task to force the key out of the lock when it is stuck. Plus, it would be sad if the lock breaks and that would not be the cost-effective option. A car door lock can be jammed or stuck. Which makes it impossible to open with the key. There will be no use trying to pry the lock open unless you want to damage the door. The trunk lock sometimes gets stuck also, but you should try to force it open. Sure, it might open, but it might close properly again. Therefore, you need a locksmith that can properly repair car locks.

Lock Mechanisms

Some cars have the lock mechanism damaged as a result of excessive use which further causes wear and tear. We will take a look at the car lock and repair it as soon as you give us a call. If your car door lock breaks, we can help you get a new one that matches your keys. So, you don’t need to get new keys. We will use the key signature to make a car door lock. Asides from the lock on doors, we can also change and repair trunk locks on the car.

It is possible that the trunk lock can be faulty and will need a change. Our skilled technicians fix, changes, and maintains car locks.

With the weather starting too cloudy, you make a run for your car so you can quickly head home. But just as you get into the car, you try to turn the key in the ignition barrel and it doesn’t turn. You start to panic and force the key until a part of the key breaks in the ignition barrel. The worst thought comes to mind, how are you going to get home. We have technicians who can extract the key without damaging the ignition barrel even in harsh conditions. Sometimes, it might not be the broken key but the ignition barrel is faulty, then allow us to alleviate the stress. We can fix the faulty ignition barrel by replacing it with a new one that is compatible with the existing car keys.

Car Lock and Key Repair – San Francisco

If you need to repair your car key in San Francisco, why not come down to the most reliable locksmith in the city. At San Francisco locksmiths, we offer 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to car locks and key repair. We ensure that you get brand new keys right in the spirit. You can be sure you are getting car keys from authentic materials, durable and quality.

At San Francisco Locksmiths, our technicians are specialists in any car brand. We can repair and replace any faulty car lock and key for your convenience. We can also work on the central locking system if you notice it is not working properly.