The question on everyone’s lips when the issue of changing Mortise locks comes up is, are they really worth it? However, the dilemma is getting the right locksmith company to secure the commercial building using mortise locks. For mortise locks to secure your office properly, you need to have experience on your side. That means the locksmith you are hiring should have a track record of this kind of job under the belt. Thankfully, San Francisco Locksmiths has technicians with enough experience to install mortise locks on any kind of building.

Another issue is changing mortise locks. Some people claim quality is improved once locks have been changed and improved. Either it cannot lock from both sides anymore, or something is entirely different. We are no problem at San Francisco Locksmiths; we assure you a proper mortise lock change is as good as new.

Modern Day Mortise is a great option for you

The old Mortise locks limit security potential as it only comes in one size. It makes fitting it into doors a bit complex. If you have different types of doors, it would be best to change the old mortise locks to the modern-day ones. Changing Mortise locks to new locks gives you more options in different sizes that can fit any type of door that you want. We can help you merge the modern-day mortise locks with the security you already have for enhanced protection against any threats.

Unique security solutions for your office

One soothing future about mortise locks is to lock it with a key on one side and to secure the door with a latch on the other side. It is a great way to provide 24/7 protection and ensure that your employees are secure when working.

Aesthetically appealing Security Solution

With their antique appeal, mortise locks are some of the most beautiful locks you can have in your building. Asides from being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is sturdy and difficult to maneuver by any intruder. If you want employees and customers to feel welcome, you need to think about the aesthetics of the environment. Mortise locks can help sustain people’s interest in your buildings by adding aesthetics.

Secure protection against Intruders

Lastly, the mortice locks have become many commercial buildings’ favorite security measures. This is because it is difficult for intruders to gain access. The bolts in locks will release once you have the right key. Plus, the mortise locks combine with other security solutions that can alert you when intruders are trying to break in.

So, mortise locks are more than reliable and are even preferred to some other types of locks. San Francisco locksmiths install mortise locks to ensure that protection is guaranteed. It is one of the most effective but subtle security solutions available to commercial buildings.

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