Deadbolt is one of the most viable means of security that you can use for your home and even warehouses. If you have a deadbolt to improve your security, then your home becomes less of a target for intruders. This is because the deadbolt comprises a steel bolt that extends to the door’s strike plate; therefore, it is not easy to break down even with intruders using force.

Many people looking to install deadbolts find it difficult to get the right fit for their homes. Why is that an issue? With multiple types of deadbolts, an experienced locksmith company can get the most suitable security measure for your home.

At San Francisco Locksmiths services, we will first deploy our technicians to check the house properly and see the best solution to provide long-lasting security for your family. We will look at what type of deadbolt to install after examining the door and the neighborhood.

Installation Types

The cylinder deadbolt that we have is the best. It mounts inside the door of the home. It will typically have a keyhole on the outside, but you will have to move the deadbolt in and out using a key or a knob to gain access. However, a single-cylinder will not be the best option if you have glass panels on the door. The intruder can still gain access by breaking the glass.

The other deadbolt installation we offer is a double cylinder, one of the most secure methods. We also install the double cylinder internally, but both sides of the door will have a key cylinder. It is much harder for an intruder to gain access, even if you have glass as part of your door frame. However, this will increase the time it takes to enter or leave the home, but further increase security.

The Keyless deadbolt is one of the most advanced security measures that we offer anywhere in San Francisco. With the keyless deadbolt installation in your home, you have a unique security system that is difficult to penetrate by any intruder. So, you do not have to worry about losing your key or wasting so much time trying to leave the house. Plus, you can change the combination at any time if you get a nudge that someone has learned your code.

Deadbolt Install- San Francisco

At San Francisco Locksmiths, we install deadbolts with ea. Plus, we are time effective as we have technicians who get the job done without infringing on your activities. Also, with the deadbolt installation in place, we can help maintain the system for you. We will also help advise on the best solution for the environment and the type of family system you have.

Deadbolt Install & Repair – Let us Help!

Regardless of the deadbolt installed in your home, we can repair them when they become faulty. It is best to have professionals to oversee repairing and even replacing a deadbolt with another one. We do this to secure your household better. When you notice that the deadbolt is getting worn out and jammed, please contact us as soon as possible to help with the deadbolt install & repair service.

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