To begin with, You might think that as small as a doorknob is, it will be a walk in the park to install it. On the contrary, a doorknob is really delicate and can only be properly installed by an expert. At San Francisco Locksmiths, we offer a professional door knob install & repair service that is durable. If you have ever tried to lock your door and the knob fell off, you will understand how bad it is to have a faulty installation. We at San Francisco Locksmiths services have technicians that are vast indoor knob installation for many years.

Our technicians take the time to measure the backset, cross bore, and door thickness to ascertain what type of doorknob will benefit your home or office.

Quality Equipment for Door Knob Installation

Many equipment and tools are necessary for successful installs for a job as delicate as doorknob installation. Each door knob install requires different tools, and without professionals, the installation process can be wrong from the get-go. Furthermore, the doorknob install entails a whole lot of procedures that require precision and experience.

What type of doorknob do you want?

A doorknob is an intricate element of any door in your home and office. We offer you a wide array of doorknob choices that will suit your style and complement your home. We properly inspect the home and choose the stylish, unique, and durable for you. So, whether you are going for a cabinet door knob, crank, metric, mechanical, or designer, you can trust us for proper installation.

Door Knob Install & Repair – Skill is important!

You cannot get the kind of skill that our technicians will showcase when installing door knobs anywhere in San Francisco. We have expertise in handling different kinds of door knob installations in San Francisco. Furthermore, we go one better by offering you unique styles that will be durable. We imagine that there is no point in having a fancy doorknob when you have to complain about it falling off every other week. We ensure that our skill is used to the maximum in securing the durability of a doorknob that we install for you.

Never worry about any damage again!

In addition, this might sound a bit funny but imagine going to the toilet, and the doorknob comes off. Improper installs of the doorknob can leave you frustrated and can lead to you damaging your door in the bid of getting out of the toilet or entering a room. With San Francisco Locksmiths services, you never have to worry about damages to your door knob ever again.

Repair and maintain every doorknob in your building

Proper repair of a faulty doorknob in your building can help you save costs. You can imagine how much it will cost to repair the same knob over again. This is why it is best to hire an expert locksmith company that can help repair and maintains any doorknobs in your building.

Finally, contact us for durable door knob installs and repair anywhere in San Francisco,

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