High security locks are a great option when thinking about switching from standard locks. They are also excellent in securing vital information in a commercial setting. The metal composition of high security locks makes it difficult to break through; by the weight of the high security lock, you will know how authentic it is. Another feature of high security locks is bolt strength. The locks that San Francisco Locksmiths install for your business will be able to withstand a lot of force like using a sledgehammer and other types of intrusion. This is why many people opt for high security locks because of the strength against forceful strikes.,

San Francisco Locksmiths also installs high security locks that the lock cylinder is difficult to pick. Since the locked cylinder is difficult to pick, you can be sure that no intruder will gain access to your property at any time.

Maybe the intruder thinks about bringing a drill, the high security locks we would install have a hard metal surface and also metal pins that make it impossible to drill through. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that nothing can deter you from achieving your set out objectives.

High Security Locks to Protect your staff

Some bitter employees might have copied your keys in a bid to gain entry to a restricted area. But without the installation of these high quality locks, that will not be possible. The restricted keyways make it difficult for any copied key to gain access. In fact, we make it so that only our technicians are authorized to duplicate the keys on your request.

Difficulty in Picking Locks

There is no better feeling than knowing the burglars are only wasting their time trying to pick the locks. The mechanism used in high security locks has a specific pin. Therefore, anyone without that one academy gains access. Plus, these locks are difficult to break free of as they are drill-resistant making them defective to be removed from the door.

Customize the Locks to your taste

Whatever business venture you operate, you can control the high security locks to suit your business goals. If you have different outlets across San Francisco, you can customize the pin for that specific area. You can also reset locks instead of worrying about trying to find new keys or replacing the locks. So, you have the luxury of having a master key or grand master keys in your building.

Smartphone Integration

You can stay in the comfort of your home and control the locks in your office. These locks and alarm systems can be triggered using the smartphone. You have remote access from anywhere in San Francisco, which means securing your commercial properties has become easier.

Stay ahead of the oak with the installation of high security locks in your building.

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