To begin with, quality and durability are some of our tenants at San Francisco Locksmiths. We pay keen attention to every detail about locks and key issues that anyone in San Francisco may encounter. For us, optimum customer satisfaction is paramount and is what we strive to uphold. This is why our lock install service, which we offer, is one of the most dynamic services on our roster.

Residential and Commercial

When you come to your company for locks installation, you most likely will be spoilt for choice. This is because we have technicians ready for any kind of Lock that you want to be installed in your residential and commercial building. One of the reasons you need to choose us for lock installation is because of our experience. We want to give you the best solution that will be long-lasting and tailored to your needs. We will help you select the best Lock that will match your style and purpose.

Variety of different Lock Installs

Subsequently, are you looking to get deadbolts on your door? Whether the single for the double cylinder to keep any threats at bay. We can provide quality deadbolt locks that will guard your properties firmly. Intruders kept away by the use of deadbolts are part of what we do. We can help you install any kind of deadbolt lock to your doors.

In addition, knob locks are another option for other people; you can count on us to help install these kinds of locks on your doors. Some people combine the knob locks with deadbolts as intruders can easily break the knobs off. So, if you are looking to combine both locks, allow us to make life easier for you.

For your commercial buildings, the lever handle locks are some of the most peculiar around. In the San Francisco area, lever handle locks are rampant and can be easily installed by San Francisco locksmiths technicians. Our Technicians take proper measurements for the lever handle lock installation which avoids issues.

All in all, Cam locks found in mailboxes and cabinets take a professional install to precisely complete. Do you see a lock that you desire? We are able to install cam locks of any variety.

Furthermore, We can also help you install other locks, like wall-mounted locks that can be the Knox-box style of the fireman’s box type. Whatever works for you, we can make it happen. So, if you are looking for locks for your storage, then wall-mounted locks can help you do the trick.

Lastly, there are still other types of locks that you can choose from; we offer a wide range of locks installation at San Francisco Locksmiths.

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