It can be a tall ask for janitors to hold onto more than 30 keys every day. With that number of keys with you, there is a high probability that you would lose one or maybe the whole bunch. Think about losing the key to the entrance of the building; that would be a bummer. But that does not need to happen in your business. With our master key service, you can wave goodbye to the stress of carrying up to 30 keys to gain access to different parts of the building. At San Francisco locksmiths, we can provide you with one key that unlocks all doors.

“The Grand Master Key” is on top, followed by a series of “Master Keys” and “Sub Master Keys”. “User Keys” or “Servant Keys” are the keys that have the least degree of access.

Only the Grand Master Key can open all locks, whereas the Master and Sub-Master keys can only open a limited number of locks, and the Servant key can only open one.

Using electronic reading devices, such as proximity readers we can recreate the system described above. In order to improve monitoring, they can also be “networked” together.

So, it does not matter what kind of master key you want, we at San Francisco Locksmiths can handle any of those kinds of projects on a small scale and large scale.

Do you want a traditional key?

There are different ways we can manufacture a master key for you. If you want a traditional key, we can unlock numerous locks. All you need is one master key. While the sub-keys below it can only open a single lock.

Do you need an electronic key?

Maybe you are thinking of enhancing the key system in your office or even at home. You can have a master key even with a keyless system. What we will do is network all the keys will be networked to a single control unit where you can authorize the access of any staff into the building.

It won’t change the way your office looks

Most business owners might be skeptical about master key services because they feel it will be difficult to install. On the contrary, we have technicians that are skilled in making the change effortless without disrupting the ambiance or your business. Your office will still maintain the same look, and your life will be a whole lot simpler.

However, you need a professional locksmith who can help simplify your life through master key service. We can ensure that you never worry about carrying too many keys again. Plus, we have to make you comfortable while securing your life and properties.

If you are looking for simplicity while using locks and key systems, contact us today.

We can offer top-notch master key service for any kind of business in San Francisco.

To provide you with rapid service, professional advice, and continuous maintenance for your master key systems, we proudly develop and build master key systems anywhere in San Francisco

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