Big organizations always find security as one of their major concerns, and rightfully so. With the number of people coming in and going out, it is hard to keep tabs on everyone. However, it can be difficult for an emergency evacuation in a crowded organization where traffic is usually high. Panic bars used to aid the evacuation process are the ideal goal to prevent a bad scenario. Now San Francisco locksmiths do not wish for any kind of emergency that can cause damage or loss of properties, but in the event of a natural disaster, safety is the watchword.

Organized Safety

As people panic, there may be a lot of chaos at the entrance and exits of the door; the panic bar allows people to leave the building a lot quicker. Amid the chaos, it is best to have an alternate escape route for people, so installing a panic bar is best for the building. The panic bar provides extra security for all occupants of the building.

Saves life

When there is an emergency, the only thing that registers in people’s heads is running for safety. They don’t care how they do it; all that matters is they are safe. Since panic bars have been installed, it allows for organized safety, which will save a lot of lives in the case of an emergency. Panic bars can be used in conjunction with other alarm systems like smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and others.

Additional Alarm systems

The panic bar acts like another alarm system as most business owners place alarms when the panic bar pushes. This helps to fit the entire building that someone is going out through an alternative pathway. Employees will use panic bars for emergencies and quick exists. So, if there is no emergency, the use of the panic bar is unauthorized and the person using it can be found.


When you think about the total cost of installing a panic bar, you would realize it is more cost-effective than some other security measures. The single and double doors are the most popular panic bar available today. They also have different types which you can choose from.

Allow us to install panic bars in your building so that you don’t have to wait for an emergency to start wishing you had done so. It is best to be proactive when moving into a new building. Hence, one of the most important security features to add will be the panic bar. No one wishes for an emergency, but it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

We value every human life in San Francisco; the customers that come into your building and all that work there are part of our clients. We will ensure that we properly install the panic bars to make room for quick exit in case of an emergency.

If you need to repair and maintain your panic bars, then contact us today. We have technicians who are able to work on any kind of panic bar for different doors in San Francisco.

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