Being in charge of the facilities means that you need to be on your toes in terms of security. Your business is a major priority in your life, and you cannot afford to lose it.  Of course, you want your employees to feel safe and the properties as well. Therefore, push button locks can help you secure the employees and the properties in an organized manner. At San Francisco locksmiths, we have a variety of ways to ensure security.

Easy entry into the building

It can be frustrating getting to work and realizing that you did not bring your keys. Worse still, maybe you have misplaced them; you can still enter the building without any hassle with push button locks. All you need to do is press a button, and someone will let you into the building. It is a simple lock system that makes staying a lot easier in the business.

Easy Distribution

Imagine if there are more than 500 employees in the building. Do you start giving each employee a key to enter the building? Definitely, not! That will be a gruesome ordeal, plus you have loads of work waiting for you at your desk. One of the smartest ways to distribute access is by sending employees the codes to enter the building. So, when they come in every morning, they only need to punch in their code and gain access to the building.

Long hours at work?

Sometimes, the only choice you have is to stay overnight to finish up the job. For employers and employees who work through unconventional hours, the push button lock is more than ideal. It is a safe way to enter the building without worrying about losing keys.

You can change et code anytime

Maybe you have a hunch that your code is being compromised; you can easily change the code. The code change is a simple process and alleviates the stress of getting a duplicate key when using conventional locks.

Keep restricted areas secure

As employers, you want only free trusted people to go into some areas in the facility or building. Having a push button lock can restrict the entry and exit of unauthorized personnel into those areas. You can also have easy access to check up on the roofs of the team; it sometimes shelves to see what your employees are doing when you show up unannounced. We service anywhere in San Francisco.